I invite you to share on my journey of yoga with classes for all stages of life in Warren & Chautauqua Counties.  I bring 22 years experience and training to my adult yoga classes.  We share in the fluidity & meditative qualities of Vinyasa Flow complimented with the alignment and precision of the Iyengar tradition. Students are taught breath awareness, enjoy peace from meditation instruction and learn classic postures in ways that support each on an individual path on and off & their mat... with encouragement to accept and honor their bodies and minds so as to promote health and wellbeing!  Yoga props are provided to all students so that the floor can be brought to the student and poses can be accessed comfortably.  A flexible body is NEVER required, only a flexible mind!  

 I am joyful to offer classes for school-aged children and families, with a degree in Early Childhood Education and training from Kidding Around Yoga!  Our children are growing up in a society full of emotional and environmental stressors. Learning to quiet their minds, move their bodies and breathe properly, will help them grow in wellness of mind, body & spirit! 

Whether students are seeking to explore traditional yogic teachings and philosophy or to find flexibility and vitality through through asanas (postures) and pranayama(breath control), I look forward to sharing a journey of healing with you!   With offerings of yoga, reiki & herbal remedies, 
let us learn to Breathe...Move... & just BE!

 ~ Nadine 

   Registered Yoga Teacher
   Reiki Practitioner 

                Yoga & Wellness

Elements Yoga & Wellness
Nadine Luvison Westover, RYT
Route 6 & Mason Road
Starbrick / Warren PA
at Kimio Nelson's Fighting Tiger's 
Martial Arts Gym

(814) 706-6121

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